Getting Started
  1. Be sure to use Feng Office
  2. Be sure to have the Liquid Office plug-in installed
  3. Install your favourite app, eg Liquid Notes from Google Play

Support / Learn more ...
  • take a look at our FAQs or
  • contact us,
  • visit us on Facebook or
  • follow us on Twitter
Liquid Office | Liquid Office vision
Liquid Office vision
Liquid Office vision
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let machines do the heavy lifting

Our vision is to let IT do, what you do not have the time for. Taking unpopular or laborious tasks off your shoulders makes your business more efficient and a better place to be.

Our goal for this year is to completely clone the existing Feng Office functionality into native mobile apps for Android as well as iOS. The next steps will be to add support for the Windows Phone platform and integrate specialized apps, e.g. for health care providers, lawyers or marketing agencies.

In the future, Artificial Intelligence shall be implemented in order to provide highly efficient functions, supporting you in your every-day-business.